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Ipod + Sony XA-300 + charger = alt. whine?

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  • Ipod + Sony XA-300 + charger = alt. whine?

    I've been researching hooking up my 5th gen iPod to my sony CDX-CA810X headunit. It looks like one of the best options is the XA-300 buslink adaptor. But if i also decide i want to charge my ipod from the cigarette lighter, will i get a bunch of alternator whine? or are there any other good adapters beside the XA-300?

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    you might as well go for the Sony XA-110IP or the PAC iPodŽ to Sony Adapter Kit 127IP2SONY, because those actuall control the ipod from the stereo and charge it at the same time. That would eliminate you having to get all these other parts and prove a much cleaner install.
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