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  • Choosing an amp?

    Okay well I'm selling my pioneer deck to replace it with a Intel Mac Mini 1.66Ghz and I am trying to decide on an amplifier connecting from the mac mini to the Pioneer 6x9 420watt. goryId=cat03077&id=1099388426059

    Those are the speakers. I will be planning on hooking up two 12 inch subs sometime later.

    I wanted to ask your opinions on the best amp for it's money that could easily run these.

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    80 watts RMS. Having pioneer say that they handle 420watts peak just made me mildly throwup.

    Any decent 2 channel amp, somewhere around 50-100 watts per channel will work fine. for amp selection threads, there are about 1000.

    What type of car are you putting this in? I take it you are putting the 6x9s in the rear of the car? Whats in the front? When you go to a concert, do you face towards the back of the stadium? When you watch TV, do you turn around an look at the back wall? no... no you usually FACE the speakers that are presenting the majority of information. So why put your best speakers behind you?

    Get a set of great speakers for the front of your vehicle. Look into decent coaxials or component sets. Many people, including me, run only front speakers. If these 6x9s are for the front doors (pick up truck) then i highly recommend making a plate and installing 6.5" components instead.
    Take my advice: Do not try to build a system that includes EVERY feature. Start with the basics, build it to a bug free state, and THEN add on.


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      I took out my front speakers because water leaked into the door frames of my car when someone broke into it 2 years ago and personally I like having just the two rear speakers. It sounds great anyway. More or less from that post I was asking for the recommended brand because I know how much I need and the type.

      I have a '96 accord ex. I don't plan on spending too much of my time with a permanent sound system since my uncle and I are going to turn it into a track car. I don't care if you don't think an accord is good enough. I like the car since it's been in my family since it was made and my brother kept very good care of it. It's just a life project I have to work with when I have the time. I'm getting a 350z in about a year though. Which is one of my favorite cars.


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        I have tweeters up front in my dash and that's all I really need.