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Hardest hitting 6x9s?

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  • Hardest hitting 6x9s?

    I have a Honda Accord Hybrid so I dont have many options for a Subwoofer due to the the isolation of the trunk.

    I would like to know what are the hardest hitting 6x9's out there. I have a Rockferd amp that will be pushing them.

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    Really arent any. Have you thought about a couple 8"s? Maybe under the front seats or facing towards the rear?
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      I'm in the process of modifing my 6x9 speaker holes for 6.5" speakers, I've been testing out and listening to differnt speakers, and buy far, 6.5" completly own 6x9s
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        just how isolated is the trunk?
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          (instert dave chapelle's voice here) THOSE 6x9'S POUND *****ES! anyway, what are the specs of the amp? how much $$ do you want to spend in this setup?
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            Between the trunk and the back seats there is some kind of wall consisted of thick foam, metal square boxes for the hybridism, and more thick foam.

            I knew putting a sub box in the trunk wouldn't sound as good as if it was the average typical trunk but I went ahead and tried it out. In the cabin I could barely tell that there was a sub back there. So, at this time, I have the 12 inch sub and box sitting on one of the back seats. GEHTO!


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              What is a Rockferd?

              do a 6-pak of by-nines!

              it'll be crunk yo!

              *shakes head*

              there are always better options, always

              just because THAT sub /amp / enclosure combo didn't work, doesn't mean that using a sub back there isn't the best option.

              describe your set-up that you had back there that's now in the back seat?
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                I don't think you'd have a problem since bass travels.

                or go with 4 12's.
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                  earthquake makes a line called the SWS subwoofers so thay should fit damn near anywhere.. maybe even in the door?? or under you seat and aura sound makes a bass shaker to simulate the low end (but i found it did work vary well for my application)


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                    I have a pair of Kicker 6x9's (KS693) and they pound! They do 35-40 Hz with decent volume and handle the tough 75-175 Hz range with no problems at very high volumes. 6x9's have nearly as much surface area as an 8" sub, so these might be enough for you, especially in a smaller car.


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                      6x9s that POUND....that's pretty damn funny

                      it's not all about surface area, a lot of it has to do with excursion

                      and there's no way that the 1" vice coil will give you the power handling and excursion of an 8"'re getting into the mechanical limitations of the spider and surround here

                      I'd personally cut teh holes for the by-nines and put a set of 8" in there if I were you...

                      but then again, apparently my tastes in the way music should sound is way
                      Jan Bennett
                      FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

                      Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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                        I also recommend you do 8's instead.

                        A 6.5" speaker will generally sound much better than a 6x9, because the sharp corners of the 6x9 stretch the surround in a non-linear way, causing a limitation in cone travel (as mentioned) and distortion. Some morons confuse the distortion as extra bass and thus let their minds believe that it has to be better because its bigger. Its not. trust us.

                        Put a 6.5 or 8 of good quality in your door and you will be much better off. If you dont have enough depth for mounting a big speaker, look into the kicker RMB8's, these are amazing drivers - tons of midbass and very very thin.

                        good luck.


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                          I have been doing high end custom work for the last 3 and a half years. The so called "wall of foam" is acutally a 3 inch thick battery behind the rear seat. I have installed subs in the trunks of these cars before and they sound ok. What I would reccomend is a custom box. If I remember right the 6x9 holes are visable form the trunk. what I have done before is change the speakers to 6.5's and build a ported sub box using JL flex prots to the remainig part of the 6x9 hole. You will get the punch of the subs in the car then. If you are not looking to do all of that work just put in a good set of JL 6x9's with a decent amp running them. The only thing that you have to remember the more stereo equiptment you put in the car the worse your gas mileage becomes. The amps will use the energy that the car is storing to increase your gas mileage.


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                            Dood, I threw an OEM 6x9 off my roof. It hit pretty hard. Of course it did not have the momentum that an aftermarket speaker would have, but the speed before impact was comparable.



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                              how about making a plate so you can run these:
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