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    I will be installing about 1500 watts of amps in my car, that is peak power, I found a kit that includes 4 gauge monster cable... the kit is rated at 500 watts though, they claim that I will just have to change the 60amp fuse with another one? Is this true, and will 4 gauge be plenty?

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    Let's see here... If you're planning on running all 1500 MAX Watts all at once, you'd need a 125A fuse (1500W/12V), but since that's very unlikely you should first go with the 60A. If you blow it (I don't think you would), just go for an 80A fuse.

    4 gauge should be enough. IMO, Monster cables are overpriced.
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      Max power is a terrible thing to base off of. What we need to know is RMS power.
      However, I agree with DJiK, the 60A fuse should be sufficent. just to give you an Idea, add up all the fuses that are on your amps, if it's less than 60, you are more than fine, if it ends up not too much more than 60, eg. 80A, you should still be OK.

      Worst thing that happens is you blow the fuse.... not a big deal


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        Ok, great, thanks guys...