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  • Sound from left front only

    I got my carputer installed and running smoothly except I only get sound from the left front speakers. I have no sound coming from the subs or the entire right side. Any suggestions?

    I had my ipod plugged in to the same wire as my carputer and it sounds fine. I have my carputer under the driver's seat. It's in a plastic case. Do I need to ground the mobo still? Sound runs through the aux in on my alpine. Power runs down the right side of the car. Speakers are running down the left. I hope that helps. If you need more info please let me know.

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    make sure your audio cable is seated correctly. Also play with the balance on the computer. test out the computers sound with some headphones. locate where you lose the signal and then work from there
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      This might be a different issue, but every now and then in road runner...a song will start playing, but ill notice that it's only comming out of one side. When i hit back on the track button and then forward again (to get back to the same song), it starts playing on both sides again...weird huh? Are you using road runner?

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        its probably a software setup, i used to have that problem, and it was just a simple balance adjustment on my soundcard.


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          I'm going to do some testing today to see if I can figure out what it is. I also noticed that it's only when I plug my carputer in that I get the problem. So does anyone know if I should ground my mobo if my case is plastic? A couple of other things...I'm using the onboard sound on my Epia 800 if that helps at all.

          Here's the other weird thing. I'm using Frodoplayer and I can't turn it up or down when I use Frodoplayer.