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Pioneer DEH-P480MP vs DEH-P680MP

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  • Pioneer DEH-P480MP vs DEH-P680MP


    130$ - DEH-P480MP (4v preout, 3band eq)
    195$ - DEH-P680MP (4v preout, Subwoofer Direct Control Key, 7band eq, Auto Slide Motorized, OEL display)

    I'm going to order tonight or as soon as I can decide between the two.

    What is the sound quality difference between the two?
    How much different is the 3band EQ compared to the 7band?
    Is the Subwoofer direct controll key usefull?

    Should I spend the extra money and the the 680, or go cheap and get teh 480?


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    Spend the extra and get the 7800...24 bit converter. Big difference in sound.


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      Hrm, my front speakers are CDT KA-61, and my sub/amp would be like 350$ total (which i'm going to buy.) what i'm getting at is, it's not the greatest system, would that 7800 still be so much better and worth that extra money.

      I can afford the 480/680 currently, but the 7800 i'd have to wait till i get a job.

      oO, just thought of this, would it be better to invest that 115$ into the 7800, or into a better amp/sub/speakers. AH!

      also, I'm not ruling out the 7800, but what about the 480/680, how much of a difference?

      Thank you.


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        do you care about how it looks? they both have just about the same features except for the 680 having the OEL. also... if you do want to go through with the carputer the 680 has a front AUX input which sucks because it will never look like a clean installation because youll always have the wire sticking out of the front. one great thing the 480 has going for it is the FIE (Front Image Enhancer). if you get components as the front speakers it will probably sound alot better.
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          Hey, first off lemme just say, I know this is a pretty nub post, and I feel i'm going to get flamed any second now.. but please, bare with me.

          Well, to some extent I don't care about looks.. (sorta like what i'm about to show now with the kenwood)
          (edit: I only use front speakers, and I have FIE right now, and don't seem to like the sound, it could be that my system sucks though)

          Oh, and about the front inputs, I can deal with that since the adapter would let me use the rear inputs.. the 480 is pretty convenient(sp?) though, it has a 3.5mm jack as the input, which is the same as the one on a computers sound card, so NO physical converters needed pretty sweet I think

          I was searching at different brands, I found this kenwood at the same price as the pioneer680, which is 190$. It has the 24-bit converter(edit: only had 3-band parametric equalizer)

          I've heard good and bad about kenwood so i'm not sure..?

          thanks guys..


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            Actually.. the Kenwood Excelon KDC-X790 is 210$, which is one of their highest models..


            Now, would this be better than the 680(premeir)? i'm assuming definetly, but also, would you personaly rather get this?



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              I Edited the first post.. so take a look please. thanks.