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using Ipod with an Front AUX on a Pioneer DEHP-6800MP

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  • using Ipod with an Front AUX on a Pioneer DEHP-6800MP

    i have a Pioneer DEHP-6800MP and i bought the manual recommended 2.5mm mini jack cable to plug the ipod to the Front AUX, as i tried to change the source it doesnt show me the AUX screen, it just stays on the tuner. Can anyone help me or refer me to another link? Thanks.

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    You have to turn on the AUX line. turn off the stereo and push and hold the funtion button and go through the settings. That is how it is on my stereo. If you have already done that then I don't know. Sorry.


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      I just had this problem the other day on the 4800..this is how it was on my 4800

      1. turn off headunit, ofcourse have the car on.
      2. hold down the source button untill the clock appears
      3. press the function button to change it from showing the clock setting to aux setting.. from there you just turn on the aux, simple.

      by the way, how do you like the 6800, i'm about to get the 680 (premeir version with 4v preouts)