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Powering carpc and amp

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  • Powering carpc and amp

    Hi everyone, I have recently installed a carpc that is working great. I am using a MII12000 mbd with a M2-ATX 160W power supply and about 3 usb and 1 firewall device. I've calculated I am running about 90W. I would like to add a sub box to my car. I've been looking at a sub and amp combo like the bazooka or infinity. I would really like to keep from running another power cable to my trunk from the battery. Would it be a problem using a distro block to split the power between my carpc and my sub box? I am running 4 gauge cable. Also, I Should I also add fuses at the distro box going to each device? Thanks.

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    That's the whole purpose of a distribution block, so yeah, it will work.
    Fuse each line, of course.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks for the reply. My biggest concern was that I wasn't overloading the 4guage power cable. The last thing I need is to start my car on fire.
      Any suggestions on size of fuzes?


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        Whatever is recommended by the amp manufacturer
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          LOL I have 3 amps in my car attached to my car pc, along with two subs, to 6 b 9's and others

          Its great for poping out some good tunes

          just to let you know though I had some really big problems getting the whining sound to go to the background in the amps
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            I just d "wire gauge table" and found the following website:


            I can't guarantee I'm reading it right but it looks like you are good up to 1200 watts (In reality it is more like whatever your battery is capable of). I'm assuming your 4 gauge wire is less the 15 feet in length and of course that the voltage is 12V.
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              for a 4 gauge under 15 ft, I would stay under 1000 watts total. Nothing will burn up, you just might not get the amount of sound and power you can. I would throw in a hefty 2 gauge and not worry about anything. Its only about an hours worth of work.
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