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Degrading effect of bundling input/output &power wires together?and helpful defenses?

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  • Degrading effect of bundling input/output &power wires together?and helpful defenses?

    Hey I was wondering what the extent of problems I am going to have if I run input and output wires for a amplifier right next to power wires (as in a bundle)?

    It will only need to have input and output wires next to power for ~2 Feet, and I really cant do it any other way because of my application. I could potentially run them only 1 Foot if this turns out to be my best defense, but it is beneficial to me to run them the full 2 Feet if possible.

    What are some of the best things I can do to stop any problems incurred by running the wires so close to each other?

    Can I run shielded wire for the power and stereo input/output wires? Will this help at all?

    Is there something physically I can put in between the wires that will be bundled together to separate them and help the situation while still being tightly bundled?

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    I'm assuming the power is DC. If so, not a problem. Problems arise from AC current inductance; one wire's alternating current induces a similar, but smaller signal in parralell wires.
    Input/output in the same bundle? if they're shielded, it shouldn't be a problem. otherwise, you may get some cross-talk. Is it coax or colinear? high-end coax is usually shielded.


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      Yes power is DC, the wires I am currently testing on are not shielded, just occurred to me that I should ask though, as I remembered this could be a problem in certain situations.

      You say if the input and output are shielded, I should not have a problem, what will be the effects if a non shielded wire were to be used in a short distance application like described?

      This is why I must keep them bundled.


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        For such a small run you should be ok. It does not seem you like you have much choice anyway. It of course would be better to have at least shielded signal lines in this case to protect it from the power line, which while DC It still fluctuates somewhat from the change in output from the alternator which can introduce noise. But as I said, you should be ok. Worst case scenario some shielded lines should fix any noise that may happen.


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          I am using a deutsch connector, so it will be hard to find a shielded cable that has independent insulated wires in it, so I will give it a go with the standard ones.

          Thanks for the info guys


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