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Speaker recommendations for RV

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  • Speaker recommendations for RV

    I am creating a computer for an RV, I belive I will be using a CBM-5.1 Performance Teknique 5.1 High Power Amplifier for the amp, and feeding it a digital optical signal from an Audigy.

    My question is, what speakers to use? I really have no idea, but want something good. Since it is an RV, size is not really an issue.



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    Well what are you looking to spend for the speakers and how sort of quality are you looking for? (Audiophile hi-end stereo/surround listening, mid-range quality, basic/entry-level value priced speakers...)

    Also, are you looking to just replace any stock speakers? In which case what sizes are the current ones (if any)? That might limit your options there. If not are you looking to get car audio type speakers and building custom enclosures for them, or buying more home theater type speakers (like bookshelf types) and mounting them?

    Each person is going to have an opinion on which brand is best. In your case I would first decide on what type/size/style speaker you want and then look at and compare the brands available. Also think about how you'll use the system.....I don't know what kind of amp that is, but it looks like it's a surround sound (5.1) ch amp? So if you're planning on having surround sound available for movies you'll need to put a little extra planning into where you put the speakers.

    So share a little details on the setup and then see what brands have speakers available in those styles and get opinions on those. But at this point it would just be one person saying brand X is better than brand Y, with someone else saying that brand Y is better....
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      I want good speakers. Probably spend ~$500-$750, I would imagine that I can get decent speakers for that amount, certainly not top of the line. And you are correct in that I want surround.

      Currently it has crap 5" round speakers. I think most likely I will be mounting speakers differently than they are now, and doubt that I can get as good of speakers if I go the traditional car speaker route, so most likely I will just be mounting home theater type speakers (not at all trying to start a holy war there, just don't know much about car speakers).

      However, I don't think my magnepans will fit in the RV. =)

      The considerations that I see are, the amp is rated for 4 ohm speakers, and I do want to stay in 12 volt land for the amp, so that is likely what it will be even if I did a different amp.

      I do realize this is quite a vague question I have here, sorry about that. Just looking for suggestions with which to get started.

      thanks for your help