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M-Audio Firewire volume control

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  • M-Audio Firewire volume control

    Im new to these forums but I have done alot of research and am almost done with my carPC. Im not sure if Im missing something but here it goes:

    I am trying to use an M-audio firewire external soundcard to control the volume of winamp through roadrunner but the only way to do it is if the waveout output of winamp is set to Microsoft Sound Mapper which sounds so bad it defeats the purpose of the nice sound card. The settings in roadrunner only allow control over the windows volume which the M-Audio card seems to bypass.

    I also need to find a DVD software player that can output through the M-Audio. In WinDVD and other DVD software, I cannot seem to set the M-audio card like I do in winamp.

    Sorry for the rambling on. I am just frustrated. Thanks for the help!