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how do i remove my car stereo's dashboard trim? (2001 pontiac firebird)

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  • how do i remove my car stereo's dashboard trim? (2001 pontiac firebird)

    I can get the trim on the right side to come off(both of the 2 little inputs) but the trim on the left does not want to come off..I tried a lot of force to take them off but it wont budge..i dont want to break

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    Here is a picture of the dash kit. It looks like the left side has some sort of extra reinforcement. I'm not familiar with that dash but this picture might help you figure it out.

    Dash Kit Picture
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      Those are really easy, it just pops off. Sometimes they can be a little stiff, but the radio bezel is just clipped in.


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        Be careful, force is necessary in some instances with clips but it sounds to me like you have another screw holding you back. Check all around the bezel they can hid well sometimes. Id also search google for a schematic of the dash... its bound to be out there. If all else fails contact crutchfield... usually you can get your hands on a dash schematic free of charge.
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          It looks like this, right?

          Assuming it does, I've worked on about 123453489023847 of those, you'll be fine. No screws on the radio bezel, just clips. Starting in about 1995, General Motors really started to boycott screws, and just about everything is held together by clips. For example, 1995-2002 Chevy fullsize trucks even have decks and speakers that are help in with clips. Yes, even the speakers.


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            LMFAO....well then force away...i guess my screwed out camry is the exception not the rule...those screws came out of the strangest places.....
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              I worked on a '99 Chevy Calvalrier that had like 20 hex screms and had to take off the top dash to get at the radio.

              My 2002 pontiac grand prix was 10x simpler. check the fuse panel on the side for screws, or under the defrost vent, or under glove carparment box, those always get me.