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Car Computer and external DAC

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  • Car Computer and external DAC

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried using the optical audio line out or USB audio from a car computer to a small form factor DAC? For example, the HeadRoom Micro DAC (see HeadRoom Micro DAC). I have listened to this small DAC and the headphone amp that goes with it at HeadRoom (all of the HeadRoom brand equipment is made about 15 minutes from my house) and can attest that these things make audio from any source sound superb (I have tested it with my PowerBook as well as CD/DVD players). I was just hoping that someone had tried a similar set up to see how they work in the car-computer environment, since I am hoping that once I buy my car PC to include one of these inline between the PC and my amp. Thanks!
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    we've been discussing this in the 1/3 octive thread (about 6 pages into it i think) seems like a great way to go if you get an external x-over. i have been in touch with a guy who is building some with 5+ vrms outputs (for lest then a 'high end' soundblaster card) the total cost of the system would be more because of the added expense of the x-over but i think it's a avenue worth going down. if i didnt want a completely balanced signal source i would defiantely go down that route.

    another option, which is what i just removed from my car is the alpine pxa-h700/701. it takes spdif inputs, has graffic eq, para eq, x-over and volume control as well as a bunch of other processing and gives you 8 preouts at 4vrms a piece.
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