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Friend Wants to Hook iPod To Stock HU Wat Is Best Way To Do It?

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  • Friend Wants to Hook iPod To Stock HU Wat Is Best Way To Do It?

    My freind dont have money to spend on new HU with AUX IN. So she wants to do cheap way like FM Transmiter or Tape Style. What are some of the best ones? She doesnt want to spend more then 25 bucks. I saw the tape ones on ebay for liek 5 bucks shipped. Any ideas?


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    I'd say just go the tape adapter route if she has a tape player HU. Cheaper, won't have to worry about powering the FM transmitter or moving it around to get good reception.
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      My girlfriend has an iRiver. It's not horrible.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        When i wanted to do that... i opened up my stock head unit, found the line-level circuits carrying the audio signal from the cd player, spliced in a switch and tada. I wouldn't totally recommend it though because of issues like too much voltage from ipod output causing clipping or other technical issues of the like. But if you have nothing to lose then go for it.