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  • Best SQ Frontend...?

    Hi all,

    At the moment im running centrafuse 1.6 beta and, whilst its great looking and works great, the sq is rubbish! Ive been testing mp3s on a flat eq on centrafuse and then on windvd since its the only other music player on my system and found windvd to sound soooo much better (depth,warmth,punch,general awesomeness as opposed to centrafuse's flat,tinny sound). I think this problem is going to be addressed in centrafuse at some point, but my carputer is primarily for music so id rather change frontends to get a better sound until its been sorted out...

    So my question is, which frontend from everyones experience currently produces the best sound from an mp3? I really want an easy to navigate screen to get around my 12000ish mp3s without crashing, which is also going to sound good through my system... Suggestions please!

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        seeing how RR also alows you to run vst plug-ins, i'm gonna hve to give the advantage to RR too. I think it's the thing that is going to make me switch from CF (love the interface so much though!)
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          yeah tested rr yesterday night and i have to say its miles better sound! and thats without any EQing or effects as yet so will be sticking with this for now... Not quite as good interface as centrafuse but hey, it sounds good and thats all im interested in!