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Removing a '94 Camry Radio

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  • Removing a '94 Camry Radio

    Ok, I'm trying to remove this radio out of the car. It's a 1994 Toyota Camry LE (Wagon). It has an Anti-Theft Lock, I don't know the code. It's my dad's car but yet he doesn't know either. I heard that you can take out the negative (-) hook-up off your battery and then remove the radio.

    Another problem is actually getting the radio out. There is no removable face-plate, no screws, nothing. I have no idea what to do! Any suggestions?

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    Its really easy to take the radio out of the Camry. THere is a U-shaped trim that surrounds your stereo and probably door tray. Grab a flat head screw driver, put some tape on the tip and then you will slide it under the trim. Gently pop it up and then do it at the other side on the bottom. It will pop off easy enough. Then your radio is held in by 4 screws. Thats all it takes. You will slide the radio out and then disconnect the cables on the back.


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      What about the Anti-Theft Lock? If I removed it won't the car be inoperable?
      God sent His Son as a sacrafice for our sins!
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        No Dude That Means It Wont Work Without A Code When U Plg It Back In
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          can't you get the code from the dealer if you give them the vin of the car?
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            I'm unsure but just taking it out and replacing it should be fine I think the whole security thing is if someone tries to use that radio somewhere else it won't work so why would they steal it. But stock radios all suck so why would someone want to use it somewhere else anyway thats security enough. However, I know someone with a 99 camero that removed his radio and his car wouldn't start never had that problem on my install in a 95 accord, 2002 grand prix, or a 99 calvarier. I think the guy was just dumb and messed up some other stuff though.