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Mustang amp problem

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  • Mustang amp problem

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and I have a question.

    I recently bought a 2000 Mustang GT and it came with the Mach 460 premium sound system, a sony xplod amp and 2 polk subwoofers. It also has the standard factory casette/radio/cd player installed.

    I noticed the other day that the 2 polk subs aren't doing anything, I checked the connections, it looks like everything is plugged in from the subs to the amp. The amp is on because it has a power light and another one on. My questions here is....are there any other connections I'm missing...what exactly should be plugged into the amp? Could it be the subs aren't working properly, or the amp(even though the lights are on)?

    Also as a side note, I was going to take out the factory headunit and put in an aftermarket cd deck....but I heard that aftermarkets aren't usually compatible with the mach sound system...and if they are are there any special thigns that need to be done to insure they are? Also if the amp and sub issue is fixed would the new deck work properly with them as well?

    I know I just asked a lot of things, so if anyone can help me out it'd be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, what's the input of the amp connected to, first of all?


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      The subs.

      I was thinking...could it be the fuse on the amp is blown?


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        the input, is were the headunit should be plugged to troteck...

        the output side should be were the subs are.
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          Alright I just checked. There are two plugs in the input spaces (I think they're both from the subs since there's 2 and they're the exact same wire type)...and there are no plugs in the output places. I checked for disconnected wires and couldn't find any.

          So what you're saying is the ones that are in the input, should be in the output, and there should be another plug or two going from the headunit to the input?


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            Well.. the 'output' of the amplifier should be connected to the wires going to the subs...

            The 'input' of the amplifier needs to be connected, somehow, to the rest of the audio system.

            I have no idea how you have plugs coming from the subwoofers to the input of the amplifier.


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              Well I mean I just bought it so it was hooked up wrong, this is my first time really investigating it. I'm thinking if I just switch some wires around it'll work, but if not I'll let you know tomorrow.