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Alpine cdm 7854 and iPod

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  • Alpine cdm 7854 and iPod

    I did plenty of research before I tried to connect my iPod to my cdm-7854 Alpine head unit. i found a cable, kcm-123b, which has an m-bus to audio jack conversion. the cable plugs into the back of the alpine unit through the mbus. I cannot figure out how to set my Alpine unit to go into 'auxillary' mode to inerface with the sound of the iPod. I've read in a few places that there is a switch on the outside of the head unit to turn on the auxillary input but I have found no such switch. If anyone knows how to change the mode of the Alpine unit please let me know or let me know if this whole set-up will not work. If there is another way, other the FM transmitter, please let me know about that as well.

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    moving this to the car audio forum in hopes that someone there might be able to help you.
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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      It may be in the setup menu of your head unit
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        alpine cdm-7854 and mp3 adapter

        i have not experimented with this adapter but i have the same stereo that i got broken and refurbished it and i have had it seance it was pretty much brand new there is a button under the face plate you will see a small hole on the right bottom side there should be a red button under there i dont know what it is for but maybe it might have to do with enableing the back port i have never herd of this adapter until now. before i just stuck wires in the plug and put in a input and it took it but i do remember haveing to jump one of them to make it recognize that there was something there

        hope this helps


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          Doc, the red button is the reset and I tried that with my CDM-7857 with no luck.