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    This is EXACTLY how I have my setup. I just got the Aux Input Adapter today, and have everything setup just like in the picture. The only thing is, I can't select Aux In as a Source. Any idea as to why? The HU I'm using is an Alpine 9856. Got it for pretty cheap, so can't complain about that much. But even after getting the adapter, I can't select it. I have gone through the menu and made sure that Aux In is set to On, and also for Digital Aux, and still doesn't let me select Aux In for the Source. Any ideas?

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    i think

    In that HU model the aux input is optional and you need a KCA-121B Ai-NET/RCA interface cable or KCA-410C Versatile Link Terminal, so you can input audio from an auxiliary source unit, such as your sound card.

    edit: sorry I must of missed the sentence about you getting the optional HU. Have you read the instructinos about it fully and made sure you're plugging into the right ports of the sound card?


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      Umm, I have the (4) cable you see there.

      Yes its connected to the output from the sound card.

      The problem, is that the AUX isn't coming up as a Source like it should.


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        Alrighty, I got it working. Thanks anyway.


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          please post your solution so that when people do a search in the future they'll have an answer.
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            Well basically I wasn't used to using the radio quite yet (I've never actually owned a car radio, always had a car computer/XBox) and I didn't actually enable the Aux In. I was wondering why it was only displayed "Aux OFF" and "Aux", and never "Aux ON" when I hit the Mode button. Was playing with it and eventually flipped the knob to...*long pause*...ON. OH MY GOD! So simple!


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              FYI: some Pioneers are the same way. The new ones even have 2 separate aux inputs (Front of deck, Back of deck) Each of which have to be set on individually. Details as usual should be illustrated in the manual.
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                Yup, Alpines and Pioneers with the cables you have to enable the aux. It's in the manual