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X-Fi On It's way, now i need you guys...

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  • X-Fi On It's way, now i need you guys...

    Well, ad my CarPC running alright for a while now, and just starting to go up in the world with the audio side of things, Subs, MTX Amps, Components amped in the fronts and whatever.

    Ordered the X-fi, as i find the O/B sound terrible, but no matter how much 'ing i do, i cn't really find a good solid guide to getting this card running on a good system.

    - MTX 2ch AMP Powering the fronts
    - MTX Class D Mono Amp Powering the Sub
    - 3.5mm Jack to RCA going to the fronts, same for the sub, using the sub channel, but it sounds crap and VERY underpowered, so now i'm using the Onboard sound in 2 channel to the fronts, then out of that amp, into the sub amp and then tweeking the x-overs to suit.

    BUT, it still doesn't sound right. I THINK i need an Active X-over in the system, if so, can i use any? I see LOADS on eBay going cheap, like the Boss Audio 3 Channel X-Over for 40 brand new, which i assume this both gives me control over independent frequencies to Tweeters, Midbass & Subs, not to mention cleaning up the signal and giving more Volts to the amps?

    Is this right?

    Sorry to mix a few questions up in here, but what i want to know is:

    Am i on the right note regarding the x-overs?
    Is there a particular way to set the X-fi up on a CarPC?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Well, im suprised that no-one has replied!

    Got it all running anyway, and sounds wonderful!

    2/2.1 mode, straight to one amp, out of that, then into the other, x-overs adjusted accordingly.

    I would still like an Active X-over, anyone have any suggestions? Don't want to spend to much though if possible..