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How to connect 2 audio sources to amps? Direct Connect? Switch box? other?

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  • How to connect 2 audio sources to amps? Direct Connect? Switch box? other?

    Here's a diagram of my current system (before I add the PC)

    I know, it's a crappy/rough example. I have 4 RCA cables running from the headunit to the 4 channel amp, and 2 RCA's from the headunit to the subwoofer's amp.

    The CarPC is going to have a sound card capable of decoding dolby & DTS, etc---the kind of card that has the 3 3.5mm jacks. I will adapt the 3 3.5mm -> to -> RCA splitters -> to the amps, so I get 5.1 output to my 4 channel amp + subwoofer amp.

    Now comes the tricky part -- Wiring everything together!

    I have 2 ideas:
    A) Attach RCA splitters to the amps' inputs ----- and just make sure that only 1 device was outputting (or powered up) at a time? My headunit has 8v outputs, would this effect the PC since they'd all be directly connected together with the amp?

    B) Is there some kind of switcher I could get, to just switch between the headunit and the PC? It would have to have 12 RCA inputs total, and 6 RCA outputs (4 + 2 from headunit, 4 + 2 from PC)
    Does something like this even exist?

    Thanks for reading!

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    You're going to want to use the aux in on your headunit and connect your sound card to that....there is an aux-in adapter (if u search, u shall find) that will allow u to treat ur pc as a cd changer and simply switch to it from your headunit. This will give u a higher ouput voltage to your amps and give you overall better sound quality as well....good luck.

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      yeah, thanks for your reply.

      This is actually how I was originally going to do it. I already have 2 RCA cables ran from the headunit to the trunk for the aux input.

      But then I started thinking about getting true 5.1 DTS surround sound from DVD's sounded fun...