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  • Scion tC sound system

    I was wondering if it was possible to hook up a subwoofer to a stock scion tc radio by any means or would i have to buy a new radio unit. Sorry if this is a dumb question but im very new to car audio. Thanks in advance.

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    Not knowing much about Scion radios, the general answer is: Maybe.

    Try finding a Scion messageboard and asking them. This is a CarPC forum and generally you'll only get good answers when it has to do with CarPCs.


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      If Scion is still using Pioneer as it did in the '05 tC I test drove, then yes.
      Toyota is even selling specific Subwoofers for the tC (at $395 I think).

      There are many ways to hook up to stock audio setups, and as Jahntassa suggested, look in other forums for the exact way to do it.
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        You should be able to use the line level inputs with some amplifiers otherwise you can get a line converter and hook up the RCAs that way. is a good place to search and discover.
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          thanks alot for the suggestions. you guys rock


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            just to back up what others have said - I would first check aftermarket before dropping a wad of cash for a not so good OEM piece.

            Good luck!
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              I've taken out a couple of the radios in tCs and I'll tell you what's on the back. You've got the two standard Toyota multi-pin connectors on the right and then on the left you've got a third wiring harness that houses the wires for the aux input that's in the center console and also the wires that connect to your steering wheel controls. Then there's the obligatory Motorola style antenna connector.

              If you want to add an amp I'd recommend a Line Level Converter or Line Output Controller. You can pick up a good one with variable gain settings for $30 max. You just hook up the rear output channels of your radio to this and it gives you RCA outputs. This will let you use a higher quality amp that wouldn't have line-level inputs.