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installed line amp in 05 xterra and no sound

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  • installed line amp in 05 xterra and no sound

    2005 Xterra SE problem

    So I love my steering wheel controls, paid for them and want to use them. So I have upgraded the front and rear speakers, ran new wire, installed an audio control LC8 (ya I know I only needed the 6 but I didn't know if I would install it before the amp or after) and at JL 500/5 amp in that little place in the back.

    So the LC8 allows you to a) install it after the Factory rockford amp and send RCA signals to a new amp or b) remove the rockford amp completely, install this in its place (receiving inputs from the deck) and then send RCA signals to an aftermarket amp.

    So my install is rockford deck, LC8, amp and then speakers. I installed everything and I am not getting any signal from the deck. The LC8 line converter is power up, but when I test the 4 sets of signals form the deck there is nothing( the signals are front LR +- and rear LR +-).

    There was 2 grounds to the amp. I thought there may been a reason so I hooked them up to the line convertor.

    The deck powers up and seems to play CD's and get radio.

    Does anyone have any ideas what the deal is? I have installed stereos before and have never come across this.