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Accidental short on car amp , started making a pulsating high bass noise PLEASE HELP!

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  • Accidental short on car amp , started making a pulsating high bass noise PLEASE HELP!

    Hi thanks so much for being in contact with you guys, I'm really feeling so bad, I was installing my tv tuner and antenna on my car , and I did things rushed up, when I passed over one of the coaxial cables of the antenna, I had my audio amp close.. and I accidentally shortened one of the speaker outputs.
    After this happened I started hearing a pulsating high bass noise .. dum dum dum dum dum nonstop. I even went crying . So I turned off my car stereo which is a 9600 pioneer. Turned it on again .. and still the pulsating noise dum.. dum .. dum .. dum.. again I felt desperate.
    So I disconnected the 4 preamp inputs coming from my car stereo.
    And started checking one by one . on my audio amp, all four seemed fine, but there was one channel on the audio amp which started doing this looping noise.. So I conclude the audio amp was broken. I disconnected it , and brought it home..
    Now being at home I did a workbench to test it , I connected the audio amp with an atx PSU , with an mp3 player and checked all rca inputs on the amp, and there was no pulsating high bass noise ! so I'm really worried now my car stereo it's broken my god
    What do you guys think ? or recommend me .. I asked over some irc channel and they said maybe something went wrong through the whole circuit being connected.. and if I disconnected the audio amp and connected it again maybe this has gone away.

    thanks so much for all your help
    and if you're willing to chat with me and make my sadness go away
    [email protected]

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    i'm really confused. you had a thumping that you determined was coming from the amp. then you hooked up the amp at home and it was no longer there. did you try hooking it back up in the car? if you isolated the thumping at the amp then your stereo is fine. if you didnt get the thumping when you hooked it up at home then most likely your amp is fine too. i'm confused here. maybe i'm just reading this wrong.
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      Hi scot thanks for your answer, well yes like you said it's really confusing I will go today when I wake up and connect the amp again and see if this pulsating noise has gone . But yes

      - Pulsating high bass noise was after the short happened.
      - I checked preamp outputs from my car on each of the rca inputs of the amp one by one and they were fine, seems like one rca input of the amp was making that noise
      - I disconnected the amp and checked it at home and didn't have that noise

      I'm worried the car preamps have gone bad or something happened to my car amp what do think scott
      please let me know thanks


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        How did you 'check it at home'? What speakers did you hook up to it? It's possible the speakers you're using to 'check it' can't put out the kind of bass that you're hearing.


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          Put it back in the car and do this
          play it normally and see if the problem's there.
          If it is, unplug the RCAs from the amp totally
          If the noise is still there, your amp's hosed
          If the noise is gone replace the RCAs to the radio with a different set
          If the noise is gone, your RCAs are hosed
          If the noise is still there, your head is hosed