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Sound Blaster Audigy vs Equalizer

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  • Sound Blaster Audigy vs Equalizer

    well after a lot of reading, many members recommend to use an equalizer, with the sound card.

    Well if you look at the SoundBlaster for example, it has 3 stereo lines out
    front/rear/sub, most of the equalizers just get the stereo and sdtribute them to the identical channels.

    questions is that worth getting one, or if i actually use standard audio card 3 outputs, and use digital computer equalizer, rather than an analog one

    In my case it's simpler to hook up front/rear channels to the 4 channel amp, and sub, to the mono subwoofer amp, and since i will be using digital equalizer, i would not have to worry about placement and wiring of the analog one


    R. T. F. M

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    most people get an EQ because it is necessary to boost the line level voltage into your amps from most sounds cards on the market. ESPECIALLY from the onboard sound.

    If you have a decent sound card you can always give the 1/8" phono to RCA a go and see if it suits you, if not, a line driver or an EQ might help.
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