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removing a fiesta mk6 cd player

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  • removing a fiesta mk6 cd player

    hi ther;

    i have a 2003 mk6 fiesta and want to remove the current s****y cd player, only problem is i cant get it out . How do you take off the plastic around it, i have unscrewed countless screws from the dash but still cant get the cd player out. Do you have to pull off the knobs for the heater etc before the dash will come off?



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    Alrite m8,

    just wondering if uv managed to do it yet.
    Im avin the same problem wiv mine nd id realy like to kno!

    thanx for any help.


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      Did you try that new web search thingy? I think it's called Google. I searched for "remove radio Fiesta" and the second link was a step by step guide on how to rip the stock radio right out of the dash. You won't be happy when you see how easy it is.
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        hi i have canged my cd player in my fiesta mk6.
        there is 2screws at the bottom on the cdplayer which u cn c
        open up the glove box 2screws 1 tp 1bottom
        get a flat head screw driver and pop out the four square thing that is next to the cdplayer there are 2screws there
        and then jus pop off the dash by the steerin wheel just pull its only clips.
        hope this help


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          I'm certain the OP will appreciate the assist two years after the request.

          Honestly, if they haven't gotten the headunit out of the car by now, they probably never will.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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