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  • Ford Taurus Antenna Location

    I am looking for a Ford Taurus antenna location in my 2001 Taurus. I am installing a Harmon Karden Drive & Play and I need to put an interface in that plugs into the antenna connector. I removed the radio but the antenna is not connected there. Any help would be appreciated.


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    I believe that the antenna connection is in the trunk on the left side. From what I understand, the radio in your Taurus is in 2 pieces - All of the controls are in the dashboard and all the rest is in the trunk.

    Good Luck.
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      You'll need two antenna adapters too: Metra FD-10 and Metra FD-20. It's mounted on the left rear fender under the carpet.


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        Where does the stock antenna plug from the trunk run to? I see that the cable goes towards the front of the car. I already have the fm adapter from Harmon Karden. Will I still need both of the adapters listed above.

        Thanks again.


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          You need those adapters no matter what youd o. Tha antenna's about 3' long. It goes from the fender to the wheel well and into the amplifier. You're gonna be ****ed one way or another because that nifty little piece you bought has to go in the trunk unless you want to buy two 17' antenna adapters to run to the front. Don't expect anything to sound good with that setup though.


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            I agree with shadow. if it is ever possible, try to extend the location of the FM mod from the main unit it is plugging into to where the antenna plugs into the stock amp
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              So let me make sure that I have this straight. The antenna cable runs from the trunk to the rear left wheel well where the amplifier is. I should purchase the two cables listed above and that will allow me to put the Drive & Play fm modulator cable adapter next to the amplifier. Should I also move the Drive & Play brain to the back of the car or can I then run the cable to the glove box where the Brain is currently located? Thanks again for all of your help.

              This is kinda a pain. Hope it is all worth it. hehe


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                Post a picture of the thing. I don't know what it is.


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                  The antenna cable should run no more than about a foot and a half. The stock one, that is, because I think the antenna is on the driver rear side of the car, right above the amplifier/reciever for the radio. (As said, the stuff up front is only the controls / tape deck)

                  Really your situation depends on how long the cabling is. It's best to keep the FM connections short as possible, but sometimes that isn't possible. If you can put the FM connections from the Drive & Play in the rear, then put the brain wherever you can put it. Position doesn't really matter.