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Alternator help please!!

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  • Alternator help please!!

    Hi everyone... I have a US 2000 amp pushing 4 IDQ15s. I have a Optima red top under the hood, a yellow top in the back.

    And I was told I need a new aftermaket Alternator. US 2000 amp is 2000 X1 Watts RMS@ 2 ohms and it has a 300 Amps fuse. I have an Eclipse amp for the components with 80 Amps fuse.

    Now I need an Alternator, Can I use a 200 Amps alternator, or do I need a 250 amps one? Please help me out... Thank you

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    I guess my first question is, what is the stock output of your alternator?

    You might be able to have your factory alternator rewound.

    If there's not that much of a difference in the price between the 200 and the 250, go with the higher output.
    Jan Bennett
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