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  • don't know anymore....

    I want something exclusive, so now I ran into vita. anyone has experience with this brand?

    first I was all ears on STEG and even XETEC (although they look cheap, they sound awesome!)

    I realy don't know anymore, and i don't want to go GZ, Infinity, PPI, DLS, Genesis, .... because everyone's driving around with those brands!

    for speakers I first thought of a pair of MBQ discus-lines, but then again they're a rather entry level, so then I decided to build me a sound-system step by step. So now I'm thinking of going with a pair audio-system HX165SQ's. I'll put them on a crappy CLIMAX (realy, that brand exists) amp I have wondering around in my trunk. Then I'll buy me a desent amp (when someone can give me some input on exclusive, but not that expensive amps (like STEG for instance, but over here there are already to much people with those driving around), then I'm looking to buy an amp for my infinity sub, and after that I'll buy me a new sub (that matches the amp, 'cause it wont probably match my infinity.

    and after that I'll FINALLY start on what this forum is based on....... MY CARPUTER!
    Xenia & Isabelle, totally in love!

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