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Need advice on good in-car antenna

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  • Need advice on good in-car antenna

    I have removed my external antenna and I am looking for an in-car antenna.

    It must have as good reception as possible for 88-108 MHz, size doesn't matter.

    Shouldn't cost more than $100.

    I used google, but couldn't find anything.

    Help much appreciated.
    My Carputer.

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    Metra sells one, it's about $50.


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      Thanks! I couldn't find it on their site, do you have a direct link?
      My Carputer.


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        My Carputer.


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          Heres one:


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            Thanks Killa, that one doesn't look too bad.

            I was looking for an abit more expensive antenna, I want the best reception and quality available for about $100.
            My Carputer.


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              Well, you could buy two of those and a combiner


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                For the most parts, antennas are antennas when it comes to receiving, though the quality of the antenna can vary between different models of course. The best for reception are those that are not covered with any plastic or coating, and the longer the better, as long as they are cut properly. The next important thing is the ground plane. The antenna should be mounted on a surface that is metalic.

                Your desire though, is somewhat in apposition. Mounting any antenna inside the car will reduce the reception. Mounting it inside is a compromise, and your reception will suffer. The other thing you must consider is the cable used from the antenna to the radio, and the connectors. Most radios use the Motorola connector, so there is little you can do about that. But, the cabling is very important in terms of reception "power".

                When I was doing emergency lighting and communications work in NYC, for the undercover cars, we mounted the communications antennas on the rear parcel shelf. That would be the best place to put yours. Mind you, the reception and transmission were obviously worse then if placed outside the car, but it was better then any other location, such as under the car or in the trunk.

                Just keep those thoughts in mind.

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