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Need help w/ '02 BMW M3 w/Navi

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  • Need help w/ '02 BMW M3 w/Navi

    since this is my first german car, i really have NO idea on how things are done here.

    so i bought 2002 M3 with navigation unit and CD changer. i believe it doesn't play MP3 and i know that it doesn't have bluetooth.

    what do i need for MP3 playback? get a different CD changer w/ mp3 support?
    and if thats possible, how do i connect it?

    and is it possible to add bluetooth?


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    This is a carputer community. You can do what you want with a carputer, but there is no way anyone here is gonna tell you how/what to do, you have to search this forum and read all the FAQs first.

    If you are not looking to install a carputer, then you have to find a BMW forum, or website. Try (or .org, I don't remember) and

    This is NOT an audio or BMW specific forum, so it will VERY difficult, if not impossible (there are BMW owners here who MIGHT be able to help, but far fewer then will be in a BMW specific forum).

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      thanks for info. i think i found what i was looking for


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        ^^^ You have to exchange your headunit for an 04+ business cd player that plays mp3's. I believe BMW began to make these in the second half of 04. The best place to get one imo is by searching the classified section in <--- you will find everything bmw related on that site. If you don't find it there, you can always go to the stealership and order a new one.

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