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Need Help w/ sony head unit

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  • Need Help w/ sony head unit


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    radio code????


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      Most basic aftermarket radios dont need codes to make them work in transfer. Is the radio from the factory(i.e. Focus Sony Edition)?


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        no, it was installed by my father into my sisters jetta. I have a pice of paper written by her saying it need a code to be unlocked. i have the code, i was just wondering if there was a certain way to put it in b/c my freind bought a after market radio and we had to hold the am/fm button till a message came up like -C- then the entered the code. But since it is a diffrent company i thought sony might be little diffrent. i called tech support and got some know-nothing from another country that could barley speak english. told me to use the reset button in the front to the left of the screen the press the frist button. FIRST BUTTON???? wtf dose that mean.... she didnt know. so thats y i made this thread to see how other people did it. I do not know the history of the radio before it was in my sisters car so dont ask that. the only option i can think of now is to go where she bought the car 5 or 6 (years ago) or a amatur radio shop and ask them.


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          You can try here:

          If the link doesnt work just goto and look under product support. You may be able to download the actual manual for the radio. However, Sonys product support tends to be worthless and it sounds like you have a monitor of some sort so I think they make you pay for that one.

          Reseting the thing probably wont do much in that disconecting it from the power source does basically the same thing. But, if you want to try it, there should be a tiny hole near the bottom left portion of the screen or on the HU that you will need a paper clip or something to push.

          Wish I could be of more help. Maybe if you post the Model of the HU some people could offer more advise.



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            Ummm, the factory radio needs a code, not the aftermarket one.


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              Hopfully you right shadow. This is my first time installing a aftermarket radio so i did not know. i will post if your right. i just read the manual that you can download onlline and it says nothing of codes so i guess your right. thank for the help guys


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                Originally posted by Tom123 View Post
                no, it was installed by my father into my sisters jetta. I have a pice of paper written by her saying it need a code to be unlocked.
                There is your answer right there. Most VW factory radios needed a code to function After power had been disconnected. So like everyone is saying the aftermarket radio doesnt need the code. The code is for the factory radio of the VW that was taken out.
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