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  • 3.5to RCA

    I know this is going to seem like a stupid question, but do you think hooking a carpc up to an amp using a 3.5mm (PC) to RCA L/R (AMP) splitter cable would provide some good audio through the car. Just experimenting.

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    3.5 to 2 RCA typically are not shielded cables. Therefore the answer to your question is:

    Yes: you will have okay audio if it's a short cable and there's nothing nearby to introduce noise.
    No: bad audio if the cable is too long and there are noisy cables or equipment nearby.
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      the amp and pc would be located in the trunk. Thanks


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        you can get small solid jack to RCA adapters and then use RCA cables or you can do what i do and use a soundcard with RCA out. personally i hate jack plugs as they never seem to give good results.