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    Ok guys im still piecing my sytem together. For the time being im going to still use the stock headunit with an aux intput via the cd changer plug. Ill only be running this setup until i have enough money to put an ideal sytem in. My question is what volume should i be adjusting (im using rr). master volume? wave volume? some sound cards have independent volume control via remote?? all these volume controls are getting confusing. What is the correct way to do this?
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    whatever you do don't set them all to the maximum capacity...try keeping the wave at 75%..that's what i always do
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      Use the audio config in RR...the volume/EQ controls. Flip between FM radio and Aux and CD on your factory head unit....continue adjusting your RR volume control without touching the radio knob. Once you reach a point where the volume is close between all sources stop there. From that point just use yor head unit to control volume. Most aftermarket units have SLA (Source Level Audio) to accomplish vol. balancing betwewen are fortunate in that the SLA can be controlled at the source (Your PC).