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Lexus Sc 400 cd changer

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  • Lexus Sc 400 cd changer

    Hi there i'm kinda new to this site XD haha
    well here is the problem my 92 sc400 cd changer doesn;t read cd-r well but all reads all my offical cds is there a program i can dl with old codecs or nething to fix this problem or do i need to burn my songs in sum other mode?
    if ne one can help me that we'll be awesome

    i just want to fix this probelm till i slowly start learning hwo to put a computer in my car ne one up for teaching XD

    btw if ne one knows where i can get body kits canada perffered and turbo ?

    thanks thanks

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    have you tried searching with google?
    Hot Cars


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      Just a suggestion, you might try using full English words if you want people to take you seriously.

      About your CD Changer problem. I have found that if you SLOW DOWN your CD burner you will get much better results. Also using better quality CD-R's (as in you pay more for them), might help.

      Burning cheapo CD-R's at the fastest possible speed will give mediocre results at best.

      Try burning 8x or less with good quality discs.

      Good Luck.
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