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    so my car needs some love, internally and externally. The Tone buttons have just about fallen off, except for one? A friend broke the top of the center console. The top does not even stay on. something is wrong with my wiring because the light for the AC buttons does not come on. the ashtray that stores my change has a light and it does not come on anymore? The chime when you leave your interior lights on does not even chime. So I have had a dead battery a couple of times. I was just wondering if anyone else has had any of the problems? Those are only the internal problems. The external, well that is another post. So I am looking for an online auto parts website that is dependable, reliable, and reasonable. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    what exactly are looking for? your post isn't really that clear. are you looking for a new head unit? are you looking for stock/oem parts like a chime and ashtray? i'm confused.
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      and what the **** has this got to do with silver bullet?

      I was expecting a request for "Bring Forth The Guillotine" or "20 Seconds to comply" or something like that

      either that or The Lone Ranger was in town.


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        or he was posting about realizing he was shot with the audiobahn "silver" bullet


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          maybe he's a werewolf.....
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