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Vauxhall Astra MK5 audio wiring- help!

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  • Vauxhall Astra MK5 audio wiring- help!

    Hi there. Have just tried fitting my sony headunit into my new Astra. Bought the fascia from Vauxhall, which came with an adaptor to change from the large single vauxhall plug to 2 ISO conectors. Have also bought an adaptor from Halfords which goes between the headunit and the ISO conectors so that the steering wheel controls can still be used- in theory!

    On the halfords adaptor there seems to be a single white wire which connects to the 3.5mm stereo plug (which connects to the back of the headunit to allow for remote operation), but when I trace this back it doesn't seem to conect to anything on the car wiring. I assume there is a wire which links back to the steering wheel audio controls?

    Does anyone know what each of the wires are for on the car harness? I think I can tell which ones are for the speakers, but there seems to be another 4 but I'm not sure what these are for.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    which colour wires are you unsure about? I can look up their use for you.


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      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Ok, apart from the wires for the speakers there are 6 wires on the main plug from the car. There are 2 thick wires- 1 red and 1 brown- which I assume are power feeds. The other 4 wires are Yellow/White, White, Brown/White and Green. The wire from the adaptor is white so I wondered if this should be connected to the white wire on the plug? Any help you or anyone else can give is much appreciated


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        btw, what head unit do you have? Trying to get an image for this so i can help you out. Also if you have any links to your adaptor that would be useful.

        Btw, welcome to the forum (forgot to welcome ya on the last post, forgive me, )


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          Thanks, hope once I've got my little problem sorted out I can start looking at a few more threads to see if I can help out others

          I've got a Sony CD-FX7700, its about 18 months old but I like it and its gives out a decent sound..... The adaptors I've got make for rather confusing reading..... I've got an adaptor which connects to the car plug which gives 2 ISO connectors, then an adaptor which splits the ISO's into 2 ISO's and a separate link for the steering audio controls (this is the white wire I mentioned it my first message), and then I've got an adaptor which connects the 2 ISO's into the single plug which goes into the back of the headunit (this came with the headunit in the box)....

          I've checked all the other wires and everything is working fine (has to swap the permanent and switching lives around tho, but nothing major) its just I need to find out which wire on the main plug takes the feed frm the steering controls....

          Thanks, speak soon


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            that white wire with a 3.5mm plug is infact for the steering controls. If its not working for some reason, this store has some advice on getting it running. I'd assume their converters are essewntially doing the same as its the headunit making the fuss.



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              Thanks for the info, I'll take a look at tha site to see if they can help. So do you know what each of the wires in the main plug are for (I gave you the colours on my other message)? Or more to the point, do you know which wire from the car is for the steering controls? If I know then its just a case of linking my adaptor to this wire and it should hopefully work..... I've tried looking for a wiring diagram of the Astra online but no joy yet- have you got one or do you know someone who has? Thanks for your help so far....


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                finding a wiring diagram for your car is infact hard, i went through all my sites to no avail, lol. Thats why i was so much about the adaptors, as i'm trying to make some educated guesses as to whats what since we're working on our own, lol.

                I know the Red, Black, and Brown are power related in the iso plug we're looking at (audio ISO plug should just have the speakers, so we'll ignore it for now). Trying my best to help hunt for the rest.

                BTW, what year is your astra?


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                  Hey Killa

                  Sorry for not getting back to you, comp went a bit crazy this week- got a new one now tho

                  My car is a 2005 Astra. I know what you mean, finding a wiring diagram is almost impossible, thats why I came on here hoping someone would be able to help

                  If I connect the infamous "white wire" to one of the ones from my car (apart from the power ones of course!) to test them all with the steering controls could this cause any damage?


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                    Hey There !!

                    Sorry for interrupt you.. I have a 2001 Astra and i´m planning to change the Head Unit for an Alpine.. I don´t want to loose the seering wheel controls... The fact is.. I´m Lost !!! any help on what do i need (harnesses, adaptors.. etc) to have the new head unit working perfect would be great..

                    Thank you in advance


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                      I had a 2002 Astra before I bought my new one, and I had an after market headunit wire up no problem- including the steering controls. Has yours got these? You need an adaptor to convert your plugs from your car to ISO connectors plus a 3.5mm jack which you plug into the back of the Alpine headunit. You should have a 2nd set of leads which were supplied with your headunit- plug these into the 2 ISO conectors from the adaptor, and the other end into the back of the headunit.

                      This link may help you, it describes the kit you need and how to install them (click on the links)


                      Hope this helps