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    I just re installed my amp and speakers. I run a 4 channel setup, with 2 paralell speakers on the front r/l and channels 3 and 4 are bridged wit a small woofer.

    They only thing I did today wasinstall my new amp, and now there is no sound, yet there is a thump from all the speakers in unison, quite frequently. At first I thought it was a bad ground, but I couldnt find anythin to support that. my power cable it attached properly, however, in unison with the thumps, the power LED blinks. SO i dont know, any input would be HIghly appreciated. thanks.

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    This forum is dedicated to CarPCs and installing them in your car.

    The car audio forum is dedicated to integrating your car audio system with your CarPC.

    For specific questions related to car audio equipment systems that do not include CarPCs, I would recomend checking out car audio specific forums:
    et. al.

    There is a chance that someone on here might have an answer for you, I would just hate for you to wait around for it when I know you could get an answer much quicker on a dedicated forum.

    Good luck.

    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      look for the LPF/HPF switch and put it to HPF or fullrange, cause now you have it set on LPF, for what i can tell from your posting.
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        Could be low voltage on the remote line. I'd check the ground though.