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subs in a 2003 honda accord lx

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  • subs in a 2003 honda accord lx

    Hey guys,
    I don't have much experience with car audio and I was wondering if a stock radio for an '03 accord has rca outputs to run into an amp? If not, does the stock radio have to be replaced or are there any alternatives to save some money in installing subs and an amp? let me know what you guys think

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    Please read this:
    Take my advice: Do not try to build a system that includes EVERY feature. Start with the basics, build it to a bug free state, and THEN add on.


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      If ur like me and cant be bothered reading thru all those sites to find an answer.. then read this..

      You need to take the HU out of where its placed and take a look at the back. They are generally listed, and new cars generally do have outputs for RCA.

      If there are none, buy a car from a company that thinks about ur needs

      But seriously.. I dont know if there is any alternate way to do it unless u open the HU and wire it all urself. Just buy a decent HU, most of the standard ones are crap anyways.


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        for everyone that is too lazy, most amps have speaker level inputs as well as rca. if not there are products that convert from speaker level to rca. i would reccomend to just replace teh stereo altogether though. also...

        THIS IS A MP3CAR FORUM. please dont come here and ask questions about stereos. you'll get more anwsers at any car audio forum.


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          I have 06 Accord SE. I believe 03's have the same radio. Those CD player/headunit does not have any RCA output. so, No you can't connect to amp via RCA.

          But I used to do this with my other car (Mitsu Galant). It worked pretty well.

          Take the front speaker output to where your Amp will be, and feed the amp through High Level Input. Then rewire to drive two front 6.5 with channel 1 and 2, then bridge 3 and 4 and drive the sub. Rear 6x9 speakers will be driven by the HU.

          You could use the rear output to feed to your amp, but the front speakers are heck more important than the rears, so power what's important with good amp.