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  • Boom, Thud, Boom!!

    Hey guys this is my first post here but I did my research. I was searching other posts and Didnt really find the answer to my problem. So here it is:

    HU = Poneer DEH-P7700MP
    Subs = 2 12" Rockford Fosgate Punch Stage 2 P212S4
    Amp = Rockford Fosgate Punch P5002
    GLI Filter = Edge Ground Loop Isolator
    All high end wiring from Rockford Too..

    Ok so my system has noise.. The cables are all PROPERLY grounded, Placed, and Connected.. The noise goes off power surges in my car, ie highbeams, turning signal ext. Its a booming noise otherwise described as a "Techno Beat" in other posts. Now when I have the GLI connected I get no sound through to the amp. Ive tryed swaping RCA cables, Re-Mounting the Amp, Re-Grounding all the cables. I went through and checked all my connected making sure nothings wobbled free.. I cant for the life of me figure it out.. What im thinking of is the Head Unit could be producing the noise and the GLI wont work so I cant Isolate the problem (Someone in other posts kept saying "Isolate") So what do you guru's think? What else should I try????

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    Have you tried a ground choke?


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      Have you tried plugging an ipod into the amplifier alone? Does the amp make the same noise?

      Does the headunit make the same noise if you use a test speaker off of the deck?

      Is it only the sub? Are the internal speakers off of the head unit? Do they make the noise?
      Take my advice: Do not try to build a system that includes EVERY feature. Start with the basics, build it to a bug free state, and THEN add on.


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        Ground Choke?? No idea what that is :-P. Ill google it now. I dont have an IPod so that wont work, ill see if i can borrow someones. The HU is connected to, but doesnt make any noise through the internal speakers. So yes its only the sub. What about that GLI, shouldnt that stop the noise, but its not even letting the music through to the amp.


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          How is the ground isolator connected?

          A ground choke is basically a capacitor. If you have a stereo shop in the area they can probably give you one. A choke on the ground is normally use for repetitive thumping noises. A choke on the positive is normally used for high pitch whines. It would attach to the ground wire of the HU.


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            A ground choke is basically a capacitor.
            A choke is a RF noise supressor regardless of where it's installed in a circuit. It's usually a ferrite core


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              The GLI is and RCA connected one, i have the RCA cables from the HU to the GLI (Close to the amp, but not near the pwr/grd wires to pick up noise). Now it says that I shouldnt need to ground the GLI unless I hear no sound. So ive tryed it both ways numerous times and it still wont work. As for the ground choke ill see what i can find around here.. probly not going to be easy to get ahold of locally :-/


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                seems my post went dead... but i still havent fixed the problem =-(


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