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    I want to change the front car audio apeaker for 2001 Nissan Altima GXE. Can anyone help me in removing the side panel of the front door and fixing it again? I found that it doesnt have screws...

    Suggestions for nice and cheap speakers are welcome too...

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    yea it has screws, 2 of them i believe... one behind the door handle (covered by a tab) and one in the armrest (covered by a tab) you also need to remove the sail panel (black thing on inside of mirror). Be VERY careful doing this as its easy to break the power window assembly. Look from underneath and disconnect the wires before pulling the door skin away. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Well, I didn't have to remove the sail pannel on my 2002, but yeah...there were two screws in mine where described. Also, you will probably need to make speaker mounts for your new speakers if you buy deep ones. If you remove the origionals you will probably notice a built in plastic mount that causes the speaker face to mount about an inch or so away from the actual door frame. I had a buddy help me make speaker mounts out of wood, copying the mount holes on the origional speakers. Not hard, but you are going to need probably a drill and a saber saw on hand, or buy mounts if you can find them?