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Noise Problem(Yes I saw the sticky)

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  • Noise Problem(Yes I saw the sticky)

    Ok. Before I start let me restate: I DID READ THE STICKY ON NOISE

    Now that thats overwith. Here's my problem:

    I've wired my Amp into my stock radio's audio connection. 1 common signal ground and 4 L/R+ channels. I have done this with some hacked RCA cables. Anywho. When I turn the key to ACC the amp starts(Yay). Well, if i have the radio default off when I turn to ACC there is no Noise. If I touch the radio(Ie, press the ON button) that radio does not power on(I think this is normal) but the noise starts. When I turn the radio on(Ie, actually on unlike b4) the noise goes away even if i set the volume down to 0. If i turn the radio off I get the noise again. If I start the car with radio default on there is no noise until i turn the radio off. Oh yea. When I turn on the radio I get a sorta feedback(Sounds like a DJ spinning a record). Anyway. I'm pretty sure it's the radio's failure to send the outputs to ground and instead allows them to float(cause when I turn off the radio I can "hear" the sound of the antena retracting). Now, here's the kicker. When I plug in my IPOD to my custom RCA's(which are connected to the AMP not the radio) there is no noise weather the IPOD is on or off. and With the RCA's disconnected the amp doesn't not selfgenerate the noise.

    Any suggestions.

    Thanks in Advance,

    P.S. Yes, I do type alot

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    Did you read this sticky


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      Damn......... Stupid other sticky. Ok. I'll look there. BUT if anyone can help me please do


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        It sounds like your radio isn't turning on your amp and you're getting noise. Is this simplification correct?


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          No. My amp "glows" like it is on. Tonight I'll hook the amp's REM to B+ as to check if that is the problem.


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            Yeah, but from what you said your amp is on when your radio's not.


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              Yes. That's when the noise starts. Should the amp turn off when the radio does? If so how the heck do I wire that? Right now the Amp's REM is wired to ACC as I thought it should.


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                Your noise is caused because your amp is picking up ANYTHING it can through the huge antenna you've got plugged into it (it's a dipole connector with no load on the other end) so that's why you're getting noise. Put a switch on it if it bugs you that much or replace your OE radio with an aftermarket one.


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                  Well, thanks man. I would have never thought of that. Now that you said it I feel dumb. Thanks again