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can my HU handel these new speackers without an amp.

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  • can my HU handel these new speackers without an amp.

    Hey i just installed a new sony Xplod Hu with 52 watts per cahnnel and i want to put some new speaker in. the new speaker are 2 6X9 at 170 watt each and the other 2 are 6 and a half inch 2 ways at 120 watt. could my HU handel them or will i need a amp


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    What is the RMS wattage rating of the components? From the looks of it those are worthless max wattage number.


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      its 45 rms for the 6X9 and 30 for the door speakers and there alot better then whats in it.. 10 watt max


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        The HU will do fine with those, of course a seperat amp would be louder/sound better... but the HU will deff. do just fine, also your HU is most likely something like 23 watts rms

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          your problem to me is you have a sony explod product...but to answer your question"can it handle it?" answer is Yes but will it sound good answer isnt so pretty
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