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Car audio layout help.

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  • Car audio layout help.

    Heres the plan so far. I want you to know that I am sure you will hate this plan, but its just a template. This is my car:

    I am about to overhaul my car with a semi oem look radio sterio system upgrade. Waiting for deck instal face plate to come out, then I am going to do a radio swap for a jvc dvd deck. puting infinity componenets with 100rms on um, and ive been looking for speeks for the back that are coaxial that have 100 or 110 rms...cant find thinking of putting another set of infinitie 6 1/2 components in the back. Where should I put in the tweets to look best, and sound best? Or does anyone know of a great rear speaker alternative that sports 100 to 110 rms and would fit in the stock speaker position?

    These are the speaks i bought for the front.

    Also, planning on two audiobahn 10" powerd base tubes on both sides in the back. I like these for the look that they give. Picture this on both sides.:

    Any thoughts?

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    you don't need rear dont do it unless you do it right
    screen name here use to be MegaloRESE15"


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      you don't need rear fill.
      ESPECIALLY with how freakin small your car is.


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        By the ways. I have this amp to run my door speakers on.


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          Well, What about the subs? Id kinda like them to look like I had talked about, but everyone and thier mama keeps saying how much audioahn is crap.


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            fits the car...j/k
            screen name here use to be MegaloRESE15"