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look what came today :D

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  • look what came today :D

    actually they came tuesday, but been busy workin on my car gettin ready for my ED NINe .2x amp comin tuesday and my deck on thurs (it has BT so i can use my tablet or PDA to work with it for a source until i get around to a real carpc ), my power wires are comin prolly tues or wens (Kicker PKD1 kit for $97 shipped )

    Anyways got these off djdilliodon for $345 shipped with 10 yr warrenty lol (figured $20 might as well, since $350 was my limit on 6.5 comps)

    CDT ES-620's mmmmm sexy heh
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    Nice. Hope they sound good once you install them. It looks like the band on the front of the box really enjoy it


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      very nice, i'm running a set of cdt's and i love them...and those are better then'll love them. I'd buy cdt again. great product for the money!
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        cant wait till this weekend

        i did install em off the factory HU for a few days and wow it sounds so awesome

        made a custom CD to test responses across quite a big frequency range (Stone Sour "Through Glass" is a great one for vocals, and gave me shivers down the spine )

        the factory HU prolly only does like 10 watts RMS so like 1/20th the speakers RMS.... i didnt do it for long or very loud (dont wanna hurt speakers) but had to test em a little lol

        tuesday i get amp, thursday i get HU and cables, and by thursday i get my power cables.... god i cant wait lol