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Faulty amp or wrong wiring?

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  • Faulty amp or wrong wiring?

    Well, my whole system is ready to go as all part are now in. I was just about to start with wiring audio first and decided to test a new amp that I just got off ebay (MTX 404). I powered everyting (power to battery directly for testing, remote to ACC and stock speakers through harness). Front speakers sound just fine, but rear ones a just kind of a quite buzzing noise, I can hear that it's the audio, but it's just quite and buzzing. I thought maybe it's my wiring to the harness, but when I connect the rear speakers to front output, it's fine. So I'm concluding that it's the rear outputs of the amp.

    Is that right? Is it possible to have 2 out of 4 channels be fried? If that's the case, that would really suck as I was excited to finish everything on the weekend.


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    Yes it is possible for 2 of your channels to go. If you really want to finish it fast, then get some splitters so that you get 2 channels out of the amp to the 4 speakers. dont do that for long though. You need an amp.
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      Thanks for quick reply. This blows. As they say, whatever can go wrong, will.