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rear speakers pop when I brake (non carputer related, I think)

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  • rear speakers pop when I brake (non carputer related, I think)

    So I have my install pretty much done, but many times (95% of the time) when I get on my brakes, my rear speakers will pop. Its only coming from my rear speakers, only when I brake, but it happens w/ the radio/computer/CDs.

    Im using 2 2-channel amps, so Im thinking that it would be a problem with the amp powering the rear speakers, does that sound right?

    I know a ground loop can cause the alternater whine, but can a ground loop cause this popping? I did test the amp with a multimeter and got 12V, so I wouldnt think thats the problem.

    Any ideas on whats causing this?

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    Swap your speakers wires...switch your front speakers to the rear amp and then rear speakers to the front amp. See if the problem stay with the one amp or it follows the speakers.

    If it does it on the fronts then it is a problem with that one amp. If it follows the speakers maybe one of your speaker wires is pinched and touching ground somewhere.

    Just start doing process of elimination in this case.

    Makes sure your amps are grounded well. (no paint) Make sure your computer is grounded well.
    System always under construction