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zalman and dsb-r100 problem

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  • zalman and dsb-r100 problem

    I have a Zalman 5.1 USB sound card that outputs to a 5 channel amp and I've been trying to hook up a D-link dsb-r100 USB FM radio and it just can't get the system to work.

    Basically I can get audio out from normal MP3 source from frodoplayer, but I'm getting no audio from radiator when trying to use the FM radio. I know the fm radio works as I've tried it on another computer which uses only one sound card for audio in and out.

    This is were it gets weird. The carPC has two audio cards, one built in to the via c7 mobo which is a 6channel sound card, but can be configured to be 2 channel then has mic and line in. I'm using its line in for the dsb-r100 radio audio and I have the zalman usb sound card playing the audio, but it just doesn't work. Now I have managed to actually hear the sound of the radio on this machine by going to control panel > Sound and audio devices > Voice Tab > Test hardware button. Using line in source I can see the audio level of the radio, then on playback section, I can actually hear the audio. I can even change stations in radiator and hear it change. As soon as I press finish, completely stops working.

    Just to make sure it wasn't just this machine, I got the zalman and d-link hooked up to another machine so two audio cards were in use and again, can't get it to work, get sound out, but no line in. In both cases I have playback set for one card and recording set for the other.

    I've been pulling my hair out trying to work this out (I thought initially it was the d-link driver problem with radiator, but its not), but i'm all out of ideas, can't find **** on google or this forum. Surely using two sound cards works? One for audio out and one for audio in? Or is this some kind of driver or windows limitation? Or is it radiator that can't output to a usb audio device?
    Via c7-d 1.5ghz/cardbus/CF/1GIG DDR2/120GB HD/M2-ATX/DSB-R100/GPS18/ZALMAN Sound/Senao NL-2511 WIFI/7" Motorized Touchscreen.

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    ok, not really sure what you've tried so far, i'm really tired(its 2am on a friday), but if you havn't tryed this already, go to your control panel, then go to the sound/audio options, then from there you can set which soundcard the line in comes from, and which soundcard the sound comes out of by default, put the line in to the via board, and the line out to the zalman... that should work...

    also, open up your volume controls go to recording and make sure line in is selected and turned all the way up...

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      Update on this. Installed latest VIA drivers from november and still no go. Can only get audio from line out for the radio on the sound card used for line in. It just refuses to work on the usb zalman sound card. So line in is onboard via sound, and line out is zalman usb sound. I can only ever hear audio with this config when using the test hardware function in voice tab of sound and audio devices from control panel. Any other time doesn't work. So it looks like I'll need to use a 3.5mm stereo joiner to get radio audio to the amp.
      Via c7-d 1.5ghz/cardbus/CF/1GIG DDR2/120GB HD/M2-ATX/DSB-R100/GPS18/ZALMAN Sound/Senao NL-2511 WIFI/7" Motorized Touchscreen.