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help choosing an amp for 3-s12l7 2 or 4ohm dvc??

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  • help choosing an amp for 3-s12l7 2 or 4ohm dvc??

    I am planning a system to include 3- kicker s12l7's I will have a custom box built locally however I am trying to decide on what amp will adequately power these subs also which ohm model subs to choose vs amp selection 4 ohm dvc or 2 ohm dvc. I have been considering a soundstream PCA2000D, JL1000.1, Kicker zx2500.1 which one would work the best or should I select a 2 channel amp or different brand altogether, I have found the soundstream at a good price. Any and all suggestions welcome.

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    Two of those, stacked, will work great. You need/want about 2000 watts for those eh?

    get the dual 4 Ohm subs. Wire the coils on each sub in series for 8 Ohms each sub, then wire the three subs in parallel (3 + to amp +, 3 - to amp -) for a final load at the amp of 2.7 Ohms and you're good to go.
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      why 3 subs first off. 2nd, what's your budget? 3rd, what kind of car is this going in. 4th, do you already have the wiring? because you need 0/1 gauge.... 5th how much do you know about car audio stuff?