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CD player is skipping,why?

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  • CD player is skipping,why?

    Alright, i got a used CD player from a friend and it is a JVC KD-S590. It works great, and everything works well, but when i am driving, the CD player skips for no reason. It doesnt do this while i am parked, but when i am driving it skips every 2-3 seconds even with a brand new CD. I thought it was from bumps in the road at first, then i ruled out that possibility. I checked the ground and it is good, but i wonder if i could maybe have a dirty power source. It is in a 1966 Mustang, so if anyone could shine some light on this i would be very grateful! Thanks!!!

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    "No reason", are you thinking this is random? You did not say if this was a PC-Cd drive or a car head unit.... I searched head unit... You likely have a problem with the electrical system that shows up when driving. (you said it is fine when parked) This is where I would start looking. OR The HU is not mounted well. OR The HU is not good. Good luck
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